06 May 2016

CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare offers a free tier CDN and I've been very impressed by the value they give away for nothing.  I think if I were to recommend a CDN to start with then CloudFlare is a great choice.  They have easily accessible documentation, an easy to use panel, and offer a range of security features not offered by Amazon.

CloudFlare network map
As with Amazon it's very easy to set up SSL.  CloudFlare will give you a free certificate for your site that will protect browsers connecting to the edge locations.  If you want to encrypt the traffic from CloudFront to your origin server you can install an SSL certificate onto your server (provided free by CloudFlare or roll your own).

CloudFlare offers a web application firewall and you can buy pen-testing services through its marketplace.

One potential drawback of using CloudFlare is that it requires you to set your domain nameservers to point to CloudFlare providers.  This can be helpful because scalable DNS is essential but personally I prefer to use Google Cloud DNS or Amazon Route 53 to provide large volume DNS servers.